It was shortly after lunch that the staff at the airport was told that Skavsta will be leaving as Ryanair base on March 29 next year. The company will continue to operate the airport but not to the same extent as today. In a press release, the company writes that it is due to delivery problems with Boeing planes.

- I think it's really boring. But we hope it's temporary, says Lena Josefsson.

Ryanair currently has four aircraft based on Skavsta - in the future they will be based on other airports.

Don't know the extent

- There will probably be fewer flights and fewer destinations, but we have not yet received a clear message.

Will this affect the number of employees?
- I dare not respond to that, we do not know how big the reduction will be.

Since the message arrived at lunch, the management at the airport has been meeting and discussing possible future scenarios.

- When we get the final summer table from Ryanair, we know more specifically what it will be like, she says.