According to the Department of Public Parking in the Customer Service Sector in the Municipality of Sharjah City, the number of vehicle parking in the emirate reached 35 thousand, distributed in different areas, according to the highest levels, to meet the needs and aspirations of customers, pointing to the introduction of new payment methods to facilitate the drivers, in addition to To censor them, to prevent their misuse.

Khalid bin Falah Al Suwaidi, assistant general manager of the municipality's customer service sector, told Emirates Today that parking management is working to develop its services to the public, adding that it added 2,300 parking spaces within the paid parking service at University City Road and Muwailih Commercial Area Since the beginning of the year, the service has also launched text messaging for additional hours of up to five hours.

For his part, Director of Public Parking Department, Ali Ahmed Abu-Ghazizin, said that the digital scanning car was piloted to train the system to read the license plates, and verify the process of payment of parking fees through the system of text messages and monthly subscriptions, and the car will be fully integrated after the installation of parking devices Smart that ensures that all means of payment of parking fees are converted to 100% digital.

He pointed out that there are neglected vehicles parked in paid parking for long periods, and the management monitored through the parking inspectors or through the observations of customers, to be verified after the payment of fees and cleanliness of the vehicle, and if the conditions of staying in the parking lot is not met, a poster will be placed to withdraw them after 48 hours notice.