Greta to join COP25 Soon to arrive in Portugal December 3 19:06

A 16-year-old activist who appeals for global warming countermeasures, Greta Thunberg, will join the COP25, a UN meeting on global warming countermeasures held in Spain. Arrives in Portugal We are planning to arrive in Spain on the 4th and are interested in activities at COP25.

Greta left Virginia port in the eastern United States on the 13th of last month and crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing ship for about 3 weeks.

Reuters and others reported that the sailing boat on which Greta was riding approached the port of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, Greta also posted on Twitter, “I will soon enter Lisbon!”.

Greta decided to stay in the United States from August to attend the United Nations Global Warming Summit, etc., and went to Chile in South America, where COP25 was scheduled to be held last month. Abandoned the event, but suddenly decided to aim for Spain, the new venue.

Greta did not take a plane as it would lead to greenhouse gas emissions, and the United States also crossed the Atlantic by sailboat from the United Kingdom, but when the venue was changed to Spain, `` In the wrong direction I ended up making a half-round trip to the earth. "

Greta arrives in Spain from Portugal on the 4th and is planning to participate in COP25.