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Teacher exalts Hitler in a tweet, the University of Siena prepares exposed to the proxy for denial


Disciplinary sanctions are also being considered. The teacher appealed to freedom of thought

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02 December 2019

A statement to the prosecution in which the crime of denial is hypothesized: this is what the University of Siena is preparing, on the orders of the rector Francesco Frati, regarding the tweets in favor of Hitler posted by Professor Emanuele Castrucci, professor of philosophy of law at Siena.

The process to assess any disciplinary sanctions has also started: the commission charged will meet in the coming days. In the meantime, the Rector called the Academic Senate to discuss what had happened.

The controversy exploded due to a pro-Hitler tweet posted on the twitter profile by Castrucci on the twitter profile: "They told you that I was a monster so as not to let you know that I fought against the real monsters who govern you today by dominating the world". The phrase is accompanied by a photo of Hitler. Still on his profile, the teacher explains: "Hitler, even though he was certainly not a saint, at that moment defended the entire European civilization".

There have also been critical comments on the position taken by the Rector of Siena, Francesco Frati, which is considered too slight. "Professor Castrucci writes in a personal capacity and assumes responsibility - the rector's reply -. The University of Siena, as demonstrated on many occasions, is openly anti-fascist and shuns any form of historical revisionism against Nazism" . The Rector has mandated the offices to "activate measures appropriate to the gravity of the case" against the teacher. The Minister of Education, Lorenzo Fioramonti: "Good. We don't mess around with these things. Never." ".

They told you that I was a monster so as not to let you know that I fought against the real monsters who govern you today and dominate the world.

- Emanuele Castrucci (@ castrucci1) November 30, 2019

The teacher: I appeal to freedom of thought
He appealed to "freedom of thought" and explained that what is written on twitter is "entirely personal opinions", expressed "outside the teaching activity". This is a summary of the refusal response to a meeting given by mail by Castrucci - to its director of the Stefano Pagliantini law department. Pagliantini, who had sent an email to Castrucci this morning asking for a meeting for clarification, reported this to journalists.

The reactions
The content of the tweet of the professor of the University of Siena, is raising numerous controversies also at the political level. "For a professor at the University of Siena," Hitler defended European civilization ". For the rector:" personal opinions ". Nothing to add? The deputy secretary of the Democratic Party Andrea Orlando writes it on Twitter.

Malpezzi: "Whoever makes apology cannot continue to have a chair"
"Hitler even though he was not a saint defended European civilization" and again "they told you he was a monster so as not to let you know that the real monsters today rule the world". These are just two of the tweets that Professor Emanuele Castrucci, a university professor of Philosophy of Law and Political Philosophy, published on his social pages. I wonder how it is possible for a teacher to write post-anti-Semitic writers with impunity and in favor of Adolf Hitler. Does anyone really have the courage to say that it is a question of defending freedom of expression and personal responsibility? Our Constitution and our laws do not allow us to make apology for those who have exterminated millions of innocent victims. If the University of Siena tolerates that one of its teachers publicly expose Nazism, the Ministry of Education and the University cannot do so. This teacher cannot continue to be in the chair ". Simona Malpezzi, undersecretary for Parliamentary Relations, writes this in a post on Facebook.

M5s: "Whoever does apology Nazism cannot teach". Azzolina: "Declarations that disturb"
"Whoever does apologize for Nazism cannot teach". Thus in a note the senators and senators of the 5 Star Movement in the Education Commission. "Here we go again. But you can get to legitimize a figure like #Hitler? Easy answer: no, never. Declarations that disturb and that everyone should absolutely distance themselves". Lucia Azzolina (M5S), Undersecretary for Education, wrote this on Twitter.

Zingaretti: "Serious episode. Keep the guard up"
"What happened in Siena is very serious. Denial and fascism must not find and they will never find citizenship in Italian schools and universities. Keep up our guard". The secretary of the Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti, writes this on twitter.

Dureghello: "Immediately remove 'professor'"
"How we think we can fight anti-Semitism when a teacher in university classrooms
teaches anti-Jewish prejudices? "Ruth Dureghello, President of the Jewish Community of Rome, said on twitter, commenting on the case of Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Siena who praised Hitler's work." I appeal to Minister Fioramonti and to the Rector - he added - so that he immediately removed this "professor".

How do we think we can combat anti-Semitism when a teacher teaches anti-Jewish prejudices in university classrooms? I appeal to Minister Fioramonti and the Rector to immediately remove this "professor".

- Ruth Dureghello (@dureghello) 2 December 2019

Carfagna: "Disgusting act, condemn it to be unanimous"
"It is disgusting that a teacher, who has the task of educating and training young people, publish on his Twitter account phrases that exalt Hitler. Nazism is an abomination, it has caused the death of six million Jews and a fierce war that has bloody Europe has done well, albeit belatedly, the Rector of the University of Siena, where this professor teaches philosophy of law and political philosophy, to announce measures.In the face of anti-Semitism the disappointment is not enough, we need sanctions commensurate with the facts and unanimous condemnation: an attitude different from this is an insult to the memory of those who have been exterminated in the Shoah and opens the way to drifts that Italy, Europe and the world must reject with disdain ". This was stated by Mara Carfagna, vice president of the Chamber and deputy of Forza Italia.

Source: rainews

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