The "sad Sunday" passed yesterday in Tunisia after a recreational trip turned into a real tragedy that left 26 dead and several wounded, some of them in serious condition.

The catastrophe caused grief, anger and shock among Tunisians on social networking sites as pictures of the bodies of young victims on a tour were posted, and prompted families to launch searches for their children on the bus as news broke.

The horrific traffic accident was the overturning of a bus carrying 43 people, which crashed after it crossed an iron barrier in the course of a valley in the Amdoun area of ​​the province of Beja, northwest of the country.

Scenes of the incident were broadcast on local radio sites, and were widely circulated on networks. He showed bodies lying on the ground and a bus completely destroyed. In other scenes, the bodies of young men appeared in costumes and sneakers.

From journey to tragedy
The victims were young people between the ages of twenty and thirty years on a trip to the city of Ain Draham near the border with Algeria, which is characterized by stunning scenery, making it a destination for many Tunisians, especially this period of the year, where it is falling snow.

But the beauty of this mountainous region does not obscure the fact that the infrastructure is worn out, and the difficulty of walking on its winding and sloping roads, which many have described as a "road to death" due to the many fatal traffic accidents, most recently the bus overturn.

Journalist Mabrouka Khatir says in a post on Facebook: "I always looked at her as a way to die for her beauty." The fall of the bus from high altitude, a terrible accident was the fall of a bus bound from Amadoun to the eye of Dirham and on a zig.

Similar incidents
Many recalled similar incidents in the same place, arguing that the state had not taken any measures to repair the road and avoid the risk of slipping.

This is what came in a blog post of the former presidential candidate and politician Lotfi Meraihi on Facebook.``About a year ago, I was an eyewitness to the skidding of a bus on the Beja Amdoun road in the same dangerous corner that today killed our victims while they were young. Judgment and destiny is not due to the will of God. But between this incident and that what happened to take precaution to avoid the dangers of this divergence?

This comes at a time when many accounts have published pictures of the dangerous zigzag in which the incident occurred, wondering why the state prevented it from preparing it and planning the construction of a bridge to avoid such fatal accidents.

The scene of the ambulances rushing to the scene, standing one after the other, seemed proof of the magnitude of the disaster, and many have changed their cover photo on Facebook in this picture, commenting by saying "Cortage of death" any procession of death.

Following the incident - which took place yesterday morning around 11 local time (9 UTC) - this evening, President Qais Said and the caretaker government moved to the scene to inspect the damage. They also followed the health of some of the wounded.

He blamed "anyone who would prove to have caused the road between Amadoun and Ain Draham to remain in the rugged state," saying that "the use of a bus that overturned was a crime against passengers," the official news agency reported.

As he saw the remnants of the incident, Saeed, who was accompanied by caretaker Prime Minister Yusuf al-Shahid, expressed concern about "the deterioration of infrastructure, especially in such areas where there has been no significant change to ensure the safety of road users."

Road mortality in a country of 11 million is high due to poor infrastructure, aging fleet and widespread urbanization and lack of respect for drivers.

At the end of April 2019, 12 people, including seven women, were killed in the back of a light truck, in a traffic accident in Sbala in the central marginalized area of ​​Sidi Bouzid. The victims were aged between 18 and 30.

At the end of August 2016, at least 16 people died and 85 others were injured in Kasserine (center-west) after a truck, due to brake failure, collided with a public bus and 15 cars.