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Hong Kong, Wong: "China seeks to export censorship to Italy, politicians take precautions"


The activist, leader of the protest in Hong Kong, writes it on Twitter after his videoconference to the Italian Senate on Thursday was strongly criticized by the Chinese embassy in Italy

Activist Joshua Wong

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30 November 2019

"The Beijing declaration on my participation in the Italian Parliament is a reckless and unreasonable threat to freedom of speech. It reveals China's ambition to export its authoritarian regime and censorship in Italy and other Western democracies throughout the world." Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong writes it on Twitter, after his videoconference at the Italian Senate on Thursday was strongly criticized by the Chinese embassy in Italy.

"It is time for Italian politicians to take precautions because the Chinese threat is now in their backyard. I ask them to stay together and take action to defend themselves from authoritarian expansion. We should not remain silent, or China will intensify its offensives around the world" adds Wong, "it is also absolutely irresponsible and unacceptable that Beijing distorts the will of Hong Kong citizens. According to the latest survey, more than 80% of the city's population supports free elections. The avalanche victory in the district council elections of Hong Kong demonstrates our determination for democracy ".

"Beijing cannot but listen to our requests. I hope that the Italian government and society can support Hong Kong in our struggle for freedom. The incident also shows that democracy is the best solution to improve Hong Kong's autonomy and defend against China's interference ", Wong underlines," I ask the Italian Parliament to act to approve a resolution in support of Hong Kong's democratic aspirations ".

Source: rainews

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