• Last word. Final argument of El Chicle at the trial: "I apologize again"
  • Final reports: The defense of El Gicle raises the penalty for a possible malicious murder
  • Judgment: The judge expels Diana Quer's father from the courtroom for chewing on The Chewing Gum: "It could have been your daughter!"

The president of the court that judges José Enrique Abuín, El Chicle, has returned the verdict to the popular jury when he understood that there are possible contradictions, formal errors and if a greater foundation is necessary. All parties have agreed.

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CourtsThe Chewing Gum, before the well to which he threw Diana Quer: "I do not want to go, I have the girl's face engraved"

JusticeThe parents of Diana Quer enliven their bad relationship in the trial: "Mr. Quer I will not refer"

CourtsThe last friend who exchanged WhatsApp with Diana Quer noticed her "with fear"