French President Macron's idea to aim for a new disarmament treaty with participation from European countries November 29, 5:19

However, over the INF = medium-range nuclear missile treaty that expired in August, President Macron of France stated that “our security is at risk” and European countries also joined. He expressed his idea to conclude a new disarmament treaty.

INF = Medium-range nuclear missile abolition treaty has been one of the pillars of nuclear disarmament between the United States and Russia for over 30 years, but it expired in August, and it became an arms race between major powers including China. Concern is growing.

On this occasion, President Macron of France pointed out at the press conference held at the Presidential Office in Paris on the 28th that "armament expansion has historically been controlled by a treaty between the United States and Russia." He said, “Our safety is at risk,” indicating that Europe's security is facing a crisis.

On top of that, he said, “We can't leave European security to an agreement between two other countries that we don't participate in,” and expressed our intention to conclude a new disarmament treaty with the participation of European countries.

President Macron wants to show these ideas to each country at the summit of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to be held in London early next month, and wants to start discussions.

President Macron argues that European security should be strengthened in European countries without relying on the United States, and as the US-Russian relations have cooled, there is a desire to lead a move toward disarmament centered on France It seems that there is.