On Wednesday, the new EU Commission, led by Ursula von der Leyen, received a green light from the European Parliament.

The large party groups EPP (which includes the Moderates and Christian Democrats), S&D (Social Democrats) and Renew (which includes the Center Party and Liberals) voted for the Commission.

Although Ursula von der Leyen called climate change an "existential issue" for the EU in its speech, the Green Group chose to abstain.

- At most meetings with Ursula von der Leyen, we have called for a commission to pursue a climate policy in line with what science requires. She has not been able to agree with that. We Greens cannot vote yes to a commission that does too little. We are also critical of several Commissioners' values ​​in abortion issues and obvious conflicts of interest, says EU parliamentarian Alice Bah Kuhnke.

"Weaknesses in the defense of the rule of law and democracy"

GUE / NG, which includes the Left Party, in turn chose to vote no to the new EU Commission.

- It is not enough to appoint a commission that does not actually want to take power for the climate and is not prepared to review either trade policy or agricultural policy. In addition, von der Leyen's commission in the defense of the rule of law and democracy is faltering even though we know that these issues are and will be absolutely crucial. Von der Leyen's commission is also drawn with directly unsuitable commissioners, such as France's Thierry Breton or Hungarian Olivér Várhelyi. Such a commission cannot be supported by the left, says EU parliamentarian Malin Björk, and continues:

SD voted no

The Swedish Democrats' party group ECR also voted no.

- We voted against von der Leyen because she advocates a federalist and unrealistic agenda. She wants to give more power, powers and resources to Brussels. She wants mandatory distribution of migrants, gives the EU taxation rights and dreams of a common EU army, says EU parliamentarian Jessica Stegrud and continues:

- None of this would benefit Swedish taxpayers or promote Swedish self-determination. That's why we definitely voted no.