FOX Sports keeps analyst Marco van Basten off the channel for a week after his inappropriate 'Sieg Heil' comment last Saturday. His fee for this week's broadcasts will be donated to the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD), the channel reports Monday.

The triple World Footballer of the Year said during the live show De Eretribune on FOX Sports the words "Sieg Heil" when reporter Hans Kraay Jr. interviewed the trainer of Heracles Almelo, Frank Wormuth, in German.

FOX Sports announced in a statement on Monday that it would again distance itself from Van Basten's remark. The channel calls it stupid and inappropriate and has therefore decided not to call on the former footballer for a week.

Van Basten therefore misses the Europa League broadcast of FOX Sports on Thursday and the Eredivisie broadcasts of next weekend. On December 7 he returns to the De Eretribune program.

Marco van Basten returns to FOX Sports on December 7. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Van Basten immediately apologized

Van Basten, one of the sports channel analysts, was not in the picture when he said the greeting from the Nazi Germany period. However, it was clearly audible on television.

Later in the live program, Jan Joost van Gangelen, one of the presenters of De Eretribune , came back to Van Basten's remark, which agreed that it was an "inappropriate joke".

"It was not my intention to shock people with that, so apologize for this," said Van Basten, who wanted to make a joke about the bad German of Kraay jr. "It was more to explain Hans's German."

Van Basten also called Heracles Almelo coach Wormuth because of his remark to apologize.

Wow. Marco van Basten. Unbelievable.

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Clubs made a statement against racism

Van Basten made his remark precisely at the weekend that the Dutch professional clubs made a statement against racism, after last week Ahmad Mendes Moreira of Excelsior was racistly treated by FC Den Bosch supporters.

In the aftermath of the Kitchen Champion Divisional match Den Bosch-Excelsior, there was the suspicion that an FC Den Bosch supporter would have brought a Hitler salute.

Research by the Public Prosecution Service (OM) showed that this was not the case.