US CIA former operatives handed over information to China 19 years sentenced 11:16 on November 23 forbidden for spying

The US Federal District Court sentenced the former operative to a 19-year ban on the US CIA, a former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, selling CIA information to the Chinese government.

After quitting CIA, former CIA operative Jerry Lee (55) exchanged CIA information with the Chinese government in exchange for US $ 840,000 over three and a half years from 2010 and over 90 million yen in Japanese yen. Was prosecuted for spy charges.

The federal district court in Southern Virginia handed 19-year ban on Lee against defendant.

The judicial authority, who had a press conference after the ruling, pointed out that the third official of an American intelligence agency that was convicted as a Chinese espionage for the first time, "While seeking, it is a proof that I am always aiming for incumbent staff and former staff of American intelligence agencies."

US judicial authorities have communicated with the Chinese side within the US intelligence agencies after more than 20 CIA partners in China were detained or executed by the Chinese government around 2010 I have seen all the spies, and have put all my efforts into crackdown.

As a result, Lee and other CIA and other former employees were arrested one after another, but the connection with the case in which many CIA cooperators were detained and executed in China remains unclear.