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98.52% is the unquestionable score of "yes" in the referendum of the Sidama zone in Ethiopia for the creation of a tenth state in the Ethiopian federation. With only 33,500 votes against, the decision is clear and clear. This first democratic exercise of the Abiy Ahmed era is successful, in the opinion of many observers, even if everything was not perfect.

Civil society observers identified logistical problems in the referendum with a lack of ballots, ballot boxes, and ink. They also noted procedural flaws, including probable votes by minors.

Opponents of this referendum, they say that everything was played in advance.
According to non-Sidamas activists, resident cards were distributed to people not living in the area. Journalists have indeed crossed the day of the election of people living in the United States or Addis Ababa. As a result, many non-Sidamas chose to stay at home.

The Constitution now simply provides for the transfer of power to the new entity, the tenth state of the Ethiopian federation will then be created without further procedures. But the Prime Minister wants first to revise the Basic Law to mention the State Sidama.

The upper house of Parliament may have to decide this debate. It remains to be seen how long the patience of sidamas activists will last, but also what will be their mood vis-à-vis other communities, especially in the big city of Hawassa because the capital of the future state Sidama will also remain that of the southern region for the next ten years.

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