One in four deaths from a US gun incident is a minor, mostly between family and relatives, November 23, 15:44

In the United States, over 190 incidents involving guns that killed more than 4 people over the last 10 years have resulted in more than 1100 victims. A survey of private organizations found that about one in four people were minors and many were sacrificed by family members or relatives.

According to a survey by the American private organization “Everytown” seeking gun control, 194 gun cases have occurred in the United States over the last 10 years from 2009 to last year, totaling 1121 people Died

About 309 people, or one in four victims, were minors, and more than 70% were sacrificed by family members or relatives.

In addition, at least about half of all victims, 532, have been analyzed as victims of families with DV = domestic violence.

The group is calling for countermeasures, saying that if a gun is involved in DV, there is a high possibility that victims will be killed. The