Senate of the US Congress passed a resolution appealing the importance of GSOMIA November 22 9:41

While the Japan-Korea Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement = GSOMIA is about to expire, the Senate of the US Congress passed a resolution calling for the importance of GSOMIA and urged Korea to maintain GSOMIA.

The Senate of the United States of America passed unanimously a resolution appealing the importance of GSOMIA, which is about to expire at midnight on the 23rd of Japan time.

The resolution states that GSOMIA must be maintained to protect the national interests of the United States and allies, and if it expires, GSOMIA must be maintained as a direct adverse effect on US security.

The resolution is not legally binding, but the Senate of the Parliament is concerned about the deterioration of relations between Japan and South Korea and aims to encourage Korea to maintain GSOMIA and to promote dialogue between the two countries to solve the problem. is.

The ruling diplomatic chairman of the ruling and republican party, who submitted the resolution, issued a statement after receiving the approval, saying, “The three countries of Japan, the US and South Korea will have to unite to counter the threat of North Korea, China and Russia. I will ask Korea to maintain GSOMIA. "