This is a rather rare phenomenon on the left of the French political spectrum: the union behind a common cause. This is what it seems to happen at the initiative of the Communist Party which called on all the left parties to gather at a big joint meeting on December 11, against the pension reform.

A few days before the major mobilization of December 5 against pension reform, Emmanuel Macron manages to unify the left, against his project. The Communist Party, which calls for demonstrations on December 5, also invites all parties on the left, from the Socialist Party to Europe Ecology The Greens via the Insubordised France to a large joint meeting on December 11. Objective: that everyone puts on the table its proposals on pensions.

"We want another reform"

They all said yes, and it's pretty rare on the left. From PS to insubordinate France via EELV, and even Génération.S, all will be on December 11th. "We do not want the status quo, we want another reform," warns Fabien Roussel, head of the Communist Party. And to do this, "everyone will come with their own demands and with their own vision," says Olivier Faure at the microphone of Europe 1. "It is not said that we find ourselves immediately on all subjects. that we will do on the 11th and in the days which will follow and in the days which will precede, it is to recall what are the conditions to which we think that a reform is possible ".

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Rendez-vous is therefore taken at the Labor Exchange of Saint-Denis for this "forum of the left", a way to show Emmanuel Macron that the opposition to the government does not pass only by the street.