President Trump without signing the Hong Kong Human Rights Bill November 23, 5:32

Trump President of the United States with respect to bill over the human rights in Hong Kong, which Congress passed "must support the Hong Kong but is a friend Xi Jinping Jintao is also support," said, it did not stated the signature. While trade negotiations with China are coming to a close talk, it seems that they are carefully considering the response.

The US Senate Senate and House of Representatives have passed legislation that will support the establishment of human rights and democracy in Hong Kong by 20th, and demand that ruling and opposition lawmakers sign President Trump to enact the bill.

Trump President 22 days, "but must support we Hong Kong, I have also supported a friend Xi Jinping Jintao" in a telephone interview of FOX News said, stated about whether to sign the bill did not.

On the other hand, with regard to trade negotiations with China, which has been in close talks for the first-stage agreement, he expressed his willingness to agree at an early stage, saying, “I support freedom, We are also in the process of realizing the biggest trade negotiations in history. ”

With regard to the bill over Hong Kong, the Chinese government has shown a stance to take retaliation if it is approved, and President Trump seems to be carefully considering the response to the desire to not stimulate China.