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Its inhabitants are born "artists" by instinct .. See the wonderful village of Tunisia in Egypt


Whoever visits the village of Tunis in the Egyptian province of Fayoum will think for a moment that he stands amid a painting hanging on the banks of Lake Qarun covered with stunning greenery and surrounded by mountains magnificent turn its streets into art galleries.

The village is an artist whose children are born with a rare artistic instinct, located 80 km southwest of the capital Cairo, crowded with many artists who excelled in the arts of pottery, pottery, painting and engraving on copper, despite the small size.

The art of small fingers
The first thing that draws the attention of passers-by on these artistic streets is that the young child, who was only ten years old, sitting in a wooden chair with his eyes pierced and focused on a piece of mud between his little hands.

His small fingers form a block of clay while his little feet move the wheel to wrap the disc and finish it into a piece of art, all of which are done quickly, lightly and highly skilled, making visitors and tourists coming to the village from inside or outside never miss the opportunity to stand in front of it. Child.

Various art exhibits in the village (Anatolia)

Carving beauty
Not everyone is surprised to see that child and captivate their eyes another artist in his thirty-year-old sitting in front of a table displaying many of his works of art and a copper dish with his hands hammer and sharp machine resembling a screw.

He raises his hammer to a regular rhythm to live between the world of calligraphy. Copper piece that is between my fingers. "

Natural paintings
A few meters away, the young 30-year-old Ayman al-Maabdawi sits among dozens of paintings he painted for landscapes in Fayoum Governorate. .

He says he tried to translate that fascinating nature into various areas of Fayoum, such as Wadi al-Rayyan, Lake Qarun, the village of Tunis and others on paper, and many do not believe that someone who grew up in a remote village painted these wonderful paintings.

The small village offers a cheerful space for all ages.Children are playing, playing outdoors, hiding among trees and others racing by bicycle, while another group sits inside the Fayoum Arts Center to learn to draw.Adults also find more than one way to entertain themselves.

The artist village
The folklore and the arts that embellished the village began ten years ago when the Fayoum governorate decided to organize a village festival and live performances in the streets during November each year, after the village became famous and tourists flocked to a Swiss pottery that was the turning point of this small village to the world.

The village of Tunis in the 1960s was a quiet village with only a small population, and had no services, not even electricity, but coincidence was a major reason for its transformation into a famous village where tourists from all over the world came to visit the late Egyptian poet. Sayyed Hijab and his wife, Swiss ceramics, Evelyn Bure, Lake Qarun to enjoy the nature they were fond of.

The village is a vast space for various crafts (Anatolia)

The poet and his wife saw the village on the shores of the lake and where a lot of greenery and surrounded by mountains Vdkhalha and liked a lot, they decided to buy a piece of land and build a house in the village Nubian style and moved to live.

As she wandered around the village, she found children making toys made of straw mud, so she decided to blend her experience and study in applied arts by instinctively turning them into a craft, set up a school to teach pottery and pottery, and began training the village's children.

Evelyn decided to invite many foreigners to the village as well as many artists to become the "artist village" story of all time.

Source: aljazeera

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