GSOMIA Secretary-General “No change to the position to seek sensible responses” Nov 22 12:10

While the expiration of the Japan-Korea military information protection agreement = GSOMIA is approaching midnight on the 23rd, Secretary of the Secretary Cho said at the press conference after the cabinet meeting: , We ’ve been seeking sensible responses consistently and have n’t changed. ”

Defense Minister Kono “It may give the wrong message”

Defense Minister Kono said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting, “I have a concern that if we do so, we may send the wrong message to North Korea and neighboring countries.”

On top of that, he said, “Some people who are aware that GSOMIA and Japan-Korea defense cooperation are important are also in the Korean administration, so they will make wise decisions,” he said. Expected to review.

On the other hand, Kono said, “GSOMIA has been helpful in supplementing the information that Japan has obtained from various angles, but the revocation itself has no direct impact on Japanese security.” It was.

Keizo Hiyama “Responsible Responsibility for Proper Export Control”

The Korean government has indicated that whether to reexamine the decision to abolish GSOMIA is that Japan should take a positive stance toward revising export control to Korea.

Regarding this, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting on the 22nd, “Every country, including Japan, is required to appropriately manage the trade of goods and the transfer of technology that may be diverted to military based on international agreements. I want to fulfill my responsibilities, "he reiterated his idea of ​​not responding to the revision of the export control demanded by the Korean side.

On the 19th of this month over the strengthening of export control, Mr. Hatakeyama stated that he had held bilateral talks with South Korea based on the WTO = World Trade Organization dispute resolution procedure. “I want to respond appropriately in accordance with the WTO rules,” reiterating that no impact on the supply chain has been confirmed.