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As they have been doing for ten months, the Algerians have demonstrated this Friday, November 22 to demand the departure of the regime. The mobilization was very strong.

The streets of Algiers were black with people for this new Friday of mobilization. Tens of thousands of people chanted slogans hostile to the generals qualified as "corrupt". They reiterated their demands: the departure of the incumbents and the cancellation of the election in three weeks.

" Gaïd Salah, get out. This year there will be no vote, "or" the generals in the trash "shouted the signs brandished by the crowd. " We want a civil state, " she hammered in chorus, in Algiers and in many other cities like Oran, Constantine, Bejaia, Tizi Ouzou or Mostaganem. The demonstrators demand a political renewal. " This generation will never go back, " they warn.

Chief of Staff Ahmed Gaïd Salah, strongman of the country since the departure of President Bouteflika, warns: this time, the election " will not be canceled " as was the case twice in April and last July. According to civil society sources, at least 60 people were arrested this Friday in Algiers.

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