Soissons prosecutor's office said it opened a criminal investigation and carried out genetic tests carried out "on 67 dogs" to "identify" the animals that attacked a pregnant woman on Saturday in the Aisne. The latter succumbed to her injuries.

Genetic samples taken "out of 67 dogs" to "identify" the animals that attacked a pregnant woman Saturday in the Aisne will have to be analyzed for "several days", said Wednesday the floor of Soissons, stating that a criminal investigation was now opened.

Information against X

The body of this 29-year-old woman, victim of a "haemorrhage following several bites in the upper and lower limbs as well as the head", was found Saturday near a path in the forest of Retz (Somme) where she she had gone for a walk with her dog, and at the same time a hunt was going on. Before the attack, she had called her companion who had gone there and found the body.

"The technical investigations of genetic samples (...) were completed" and were finally carried out on "67 dogs: the 5 dogs of the couple and 62 dogs of the association 'the rally of the passion'", organizer of the hunting, said Wednesday in a statement the prosecutor of Soissons Frederic Trinh. "The extent of the number of analyzes (...) will differ by several days the date of return of results," he said. A judicial investigation against X was opened for "manslaughter by clumsiness, carelessness, inattention, negligence or breach of a duty of care or safety imposed by law or regulation resulting from aggression committed by dogs".

"No favorite track"

At this point, "we have no preferred track," told AFP Mr. Trinh. The telephone records "confirmed" that the victim, from Béarn, had "made a call to his companion" before the attack "while he was at his place of work". According to the statements of the latter, she had then reported "the presence of threatening dogs". The young woman "had also indicated in a Facebook message that a Malinois dog was roaming in the vicinity, without further details, and this dog has not been identified at the moment," said the prosecutor.

Asked about BFMTV , the victim's companion said Wednesday that he arrived at the scene "at least 45 minutes" after the call, and crossed "hunting dogs at first, a rider", then saw "about thirty dogs "near the" ravine "where the body was. "The dogs were coming out of this precipice where there was Curtis (the dog of the couple), Curtis got a lot of bites in the head (...) it can only be hunting," he said. judge.