Emmanuel Macron had promised a strong response to appease the social movement among health care workers. The plan presented Wednesday should include attractive measures to encourage young doctors to stay in public hospitals.

The Prime Minister presents Wednesday morning the new hospital plan, announced last week by the head of state. "The situation is even worse than the one we analyzed," admitted Emmanuel Macron during his impromptu speech on the sidelines of a trip to Epernay. After eight months of strike of some of the caregivers, the head of state evoked a plan "massive" and "consequent".

A meeting at Matignon, a lunch between Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe, an arbitration dinner ... in short, the executive has refined the details of his emergency plan for the hospital on Tuesday. This plan will include several components. He is moving towards a "partial recovery" of the debt of the hospital, says one side of Bercy, a debt that amounts to 30 billion euros.

Relaunch the attractiveness of the public hospital

There will also be financial measures to reinforce the "attractiveness" of caring professions, with Matignon's objective, according to Matignon, to "encourage staff to stay in the public hospital". On Tuesday, a minister said in a meeting: "If it costs money, it must absolutely be seen and go immediately to the health staff."

It will also be question of investment measures because "some hospitals do not give a reassuring image," says a member of the government. At the end of October, the leaders of public hospitals demanded an extension of at least 250 million euros from the 2020 budget, which is currently being debated in Parliament, but some sources within the majority have spoken in recent days of a boost from the order of 400 million.

One thing is certain: for the executive, the demands of the hospital are "legitimate". It remains to be seen whether this plan will be sufficient to mitigate the social movement, and thus avoid the convergence of discontent in December.