- If they call and are to replace Kristoffer then I am super accessible, says Oscar Magnusson with a wide smile.

The same morning as the Swedish news program was recorded, Oscar Magnusson was asked if he would like to join in and perform the song Torparrock with newly written text - an assignment he gladly took on.

- It was a satire about a subject that I can really relate to in that I live and do business in the countryside. You see that some functions disappear and why should they do so.

Like satire again

Working with satire on TV was nothing Oscar Magnusson had planned or even dreamed of, but now he can think of doing it again with the music as a tool.

- It becomes quite clear when you pair things with music. If you put down BB and women are allowed to give birth in a car on their way to BB then that is something that is not right and I would gladly sign that. I can sing it again if it were so, says Oscar Magnusson.

Check out the success version of Torparrock in Swedish news.