NY Dow Average Stock Price Decline Reacts to US-China Trade Negotiations Agreement Report 21 November 7:36

In the New York Stock Market on the 20th, the Dow average share price fell as the US-China trade negotiation agreement was reportedly likely to slip next year.

Reuters said on June 20 that the final agreement could be delayed next year, as talks about stakeholders close to the White House over US-China trade negotiations that continue to discuss the signing of the first-stage agreement I told you.

As a result, the New York Stock Market on the 20th saw expectations of negotiation progress slightly retreat, and the closing price of the Dow average share price was 27,821,9 cents, a decrease of 112.93 cents from the previous day.

Market officials said, “Since it has not been decided that it will not be agreed within the year, the expectation of progress remains, but it will be closely watched whether a tariff on measures for Chinese smartphones will be triggered in the middle of next month. Talking. "