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How do you apologize to your child and why is it important?


It is essential that parents apologize to their children when the need arises.

In a report published by the Spanish magazine Piqué Padres, José Roldan Prieto said that parents are generally not perfect individuals. Most of the time, parents raise their children without knowing whether they are right or wrong, and only follow their emotions. However, some parents feel worried about the health of their upbringing is a good step to becoming good parents for their children.

The writer stated that parents can mistake their children and hurt their feelings inadvertently. This can generate guilt, so they should be a good example for their children so that children can learn to take responsibility for their actions.

Parents' apologies to children when needed are of great value because they teach their children that they are first able to take responsibility for their actions.

Explain why you are behaving inappropriately with your child (Getty Images)

The effect of apology
The role of parents lies in the education, discipline and guidance of children, which makes many of them dislike the idea of ​​apologizing to their children. It may increase as soon as one acknowledges his mistake. An apology can also teach a child to act similarly with others and become a responsible human being.

The author stressed that parents should establish the child the idea that human beings are wrong, and the role is not limited to the education of children and guidance only. In addition, it is necessary for the child to learn that a person is responsible for his or her actions, whether good or bad.

The importance of knowing the reason for apology
The father or mother should tell his son exactly why he apologized, especially when using inappropriate words or negative words. By acknowledging mistakes and apologizing, the parents provide the child with an exemplary example of the relationship.

Parents' apologies play a key role in shaping children, making them humble, which is reflected in their personal behavior. Sometimes, apologies may be a necessity and not just a choice.

Parents can overlook the child's pedagogical and disciplinary methods as a result of stress at work, or for other personal reasons, or as a result of sometimes unacceptable behavior. In general, the father and mother should sit with the child and explain why one of them behaved inappropriately. Children learn by monitoring parents' behavior.

Parents 'apology plays important role in shaping boys' personality (Getty Images)

Joint plan
Parents can ask their child about solutions that can help to avoid this behavior in the future. Parents and children can create behavior charts in order to clarify the child's behavior pattern. The parties can also agree on the times when parents can be at the height of fatigue and fatigue so that they do not fall into the same situation again.

The report noted the possibility of consultation among parents about the various ways of apologizing to children, and it should always be remembered that physical or verbal violence is not the solution. When a parent feels that he has lost his temper and cannot control it in dealing with his child, he should seek the advice of a specialist.

Source: aljazeera

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