Hitler's birthplace in the police station Attitudes against externalist claims and extreme right forces November 20, 16:40

Hitler's birthplace, led by Nazi Germany, was to be used as a local Austrian police station. The government aims to retain the lessons of history and show its attitude against externalist claims and far-right powers.

Hitler's birthplace is an apartment in Braunau, a town in northern Austria. Hitler was born in a German inhabitant's family in 1889, then became a German citizen and seized power as the head of the Nazi Party.

The apartment has been used as a school and welfare facility after the war, but the Austrian government had been nationalizing it three years ago and considering its use because of concerns that it would be abused as a symbolic place of the right-handed forces such as Neo-Nazi.

And on the 19th, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced that it will be used as a police station in the future, explaining why it is “a clear warning that the memory of national socialism should not be recalled again”.

In recent years, Austria has become increasingly concerned about the movement to view Hitler as a hero, as the activities of the right-handed forces have become more active over the problems of refugees and migrants.

The government aims to leave a lesson in history and show its attitude against externalist claims and extreme powers, and plans to compile a concrete plan in the first half of next year.