“We managed to remove the completely wrong direction of the protests that the Georgian rallies took. Here you will not see a single anti-Russian or other foreign policy slogan ... Indeed, in these protests there is neither the arm of Moscow, nor the arm of Washington, ”Burjanadze emphasized.

According to her, the protests were caused by cynicism and the irresponsible attitude of the authorities towards the people and the opposition.

“No Georgian leadership has shown such cynicism and attitude towards the people. This cynicism has brought people to the limit, ”she said.

The politician added that the Georgian people are seeking a guarantee of fair elections in the country.

Earlier, the Georgian opposition confirmed their readiness to hold protests on a weekly basis near the parliament building in Tbilisi.

Protests in Georgia have been held since November 14 amid deputies not accepting constitutional amendments to switch from a mixed electoral system to a proportional one.

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