This is stated in the statement of the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Gen Shuang, published by the Chinese Embassy in the USA

Chinese Spokesperson: The "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act" neglects facts and truth, applies double standards and blatantly interferes in #HongKong affairs and China's other internal affairs. It is in serious violation of international law and basic norms governing ...

- Chinese Embassy in US (@ChineseEmbinUS) November 20, 2019

“This bill neglects the facts and the truth, applies double standards and is an open intervention in the affairs of Hong Kong and the internal affairs of China. This is a serious violation of international law and the fundamental rules governing international relations. China condemns and resolutely opposes this, ”the representative of the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the United States should immediately stop interfering in the country's internal affairs.

For several months, protests in Hong Kong have not subsided. Initially, people took to the streets to express their disagreement with the amendment to the extradition law, but even after the authorities decided to abandon this change in the law, protesters continue to riot in the city.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on Hong Kong authorities to put an end to the chaos in the city and restore order.