The French justice investigates the death of a six-month pregnant woman because of the bites caused by several dogs while walking in the forest of Retz, north of Paris, where a hunt had been organized.

The young woman, Elisa Pilarski, 29, died on Saturday and shortly before had called her partner to tell her that she felt threatened by several dogs .

When he arrived, he found his body full of bites, the French media said.

In the same area a hunt had been organized that day and justice is analyzing both the dogs that participated in it and the victim's own dogs, with which he was walking, to determine which caused the injuries.

The autopsy carried out at the Legal Medical Institute of Saint Quentin indicates that the woman died between 13 and 13.30 (12 and 12.30 GMT) due to the bleeding caused by the bites of the dogs in the legs, arms and head .

The investigation has been opened for "involuntary homicide for dog aggression."

" I promise you that justice will be done. (...) Take care of our son Enzo. You are together up there, without me. I don't know how I will live without you," said his partner in a message posted on Facebook to thank the support received.

Among those who have condemned what happened is the actress and activist Brigitte Bardot, who in a letter published on Twitter and sent Tuesday to the Minister of Ecology, Elisabeth Borne, asked the Executive to ban hunting this season.

The interpreter denounced that this type of drama happens before the "guilty indifference of the authorities, subject to the will of the hunters, that armed minority that represents 1.5% of the population and prevents 98.5% of the French from enjoying of forests for sure. "

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