The ship must have been on its way from the Netherlands to the UK on Tuesday evening. Five kilometers from the coast, the crew should have discovered that there were free passengers on board, according to De Telegraaf.

A gripe

Both adults and children should have been found in the cold storage room. They should all be alive and several ambulances were called to the port, according to the newspaper. The persons, who are suspected of being migrants, should have come aboard the ship in a truck trailer, according to a spokesman for the shipping company. The driver has now been arrested by the police.

Two to hospitals

Two people have been taken to hospital but no one should be seriously injured. It is unclear from which country the people come. Police have promised more information about the incident on Wednesday.

This comes just weeks after 39 migrants were found dead in a truck outside London. A couple of weeks ago, 41 migrants were also found in a truck in northern Greece.