- How many police resources or what competences we assist with, we do not spend for tactical reasons. But there are different skills that are sent, says Jonas Eronen, press spokesman at the Mittel police region.

Last Monday, the National Operations Department, Noa, announced a so-called national special event following the recent violent violence in Malmö, where a 15-year-old boy was shot dead in an open street in Malmö.

Region Mitt has now sent one of the first resources to strengthen the work in the framework of operation "Rimfrost", as it is called. But they are far from the last, as the operation will be for six months.

Given the situation that prevails in Uppsala with the serious crime - is it reasonable to devote resources to Malmö?

- I understand the question, but this is a national decision and that is the priority that has been made with regard to recent shootings and explosions in southern Sweden. But one does not exclude the other, says Jonas Eronen, spokesperson for the Mitt police region.