During the first nine months, the number of apartments started fell by ten percent compared to the same period in 2018, according to new figures from Statistics Sweden (Statistics Sweden).

Specifically, for the third quarter, the decline was 12 percent when construction amounted to 9,750 apartments. Above all, declining figures are seen in, among other places, Skåne, Jönköping and Gävleborg County, while Örebro is one of the few counties with opposite development.

Prices have rebounded

From a national perspective, however, the trend is clear - since the peak of 2017, housing construction has gone down.

- Prices have rebounded, but housing developers are having a hard time selling new production and this is a rather large backlog. The projects that started 1-2 years ago only come out now and then they are awaited to start new projects. It will be a delay effect, says Torbjörn Isaksson, chief analyst Nordea.

This is happening at the same time as four out of five municipalities in the Swedish Housing Agency's most recent housing market survey state that they are suffering from a housing deficit.

Above all, housing is lacking for groups with low incomes or who for other reasons have a weak position in the housing market.