GSOMIA “I can't get a commitment to change the decision from Korea” US official Nov. 19 12:06

On the 18th, the US Department of Defense senior official over the military-information comprehensive protection agreement between Japan and South Korea = GSOMIA said that "there was no promise from Korea to change the decision," and maintained GSOMIA through a series of talks He showed that the Korean side did not respond to the persuading Defense Secretary Esper.

After that, he expressed his regret, saying, “I am sorry that South Korea did not show a positive attitude toward cooperation.”

As GSOMIA expired on the 23rd of this month, Secretary of Defense Esper met with Defense Minister Jeon Kyung-Doo in Korea on the 15th of this month, and on the 17th, he met with the defense ministers of the three countries in Japan, the US and Korea. , And asked the Korean side to review the decision to discard GSOMIA.