California sues US electronic cigarette maker November 19 22:44

California has become a social problem, such as a number of people who have serious respiratory illness after smoking electronic cigarettes in the United States, and California explained health risks to electronic cigarette manufacturers in the US that have a high market share. And sued that the measures to prevent sales to minors were insufficient.

California has filed an electronic cigarette maker Jules Loves based in San Francisco.

According to the complaint, the company did not provide enough explanations about chemicals that could cause cancer and adverse effects during pregnancy when selling e-cigarettes, and did not sell directly to minors or confirm their age. Or violate state laws by selling.

On the other hand, the company said that it did not see the complaint against the interview of Reuters, and commented, "We want to gain social trust by cooperating with the authorities and preventing the spread to minors." doing.

This company sells electronic cigarettes that evaporate and suck liquids containing nicotine components, and is said to occupy 70% of the nation's electronic cigarette market due to its fragrance and high design. The

In the United States, people who have been hospitalized due to severe respiratory illness after using electronic cigarettes have been reported to die one after another, and there has been a social problem such as a sudden increase in underage aspiration. It will be noted how the complaint will affect future discussions.