In Question Doctor's Thematic Broadcast on Infections, Karin Granberg, general practitioner, and Maria Furberg, infectious physician, respond to viewers' questions about infections, influenza and vaccinations.

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Infectionist Maria Furberg together with Suzanne Axell and Karin Granberg.

Here are the doctors tips for keeping you free of infection this winter:
  • Sleep well and eat well and usefully : A happy and rested body is less susceptible to infections.
  • Be careful about your hand hygiene: Infections are often spread through your hands. Always wash your hands after a tea visit and before eating.
  • Stress off: Cortisol is a stress hormone that contributes to a lowered immune system.
  • Have fun and take care of yourself: Body and soul are one, if one becomes worn in the soul then also increases the sensitivity to infection.