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Parliamentary parties shared MP's ethanol car proposal


This weekend SVT could tell that the Environment Party proposes that a rebuild bonus for petrol cars for environmental cars that can run on ethanol be introduced. The support for the proposal in the Riksdag, on the other hand, is unclear: V, KD and C positively favor that type of support, while M and SD give the thumbs down.

MP's rebuild bonus is not unique. Similar ideas can be found in, for example, the Left Party, which is positive for the MP's proposal.

- We think that's great! We have made a similar proposal in our budget for a conversion of petrol cars. Although we believe that electrification is the solution for the conversion of the vehicle fleet.

KD recently agreed to a similar proposal during the National Assembly. In an email to SVT, the party writes that:

“The most efficient way to reduce emissions from many passenger cars is to convert the engine so it can run on E85 or clean biofuels. We therefore propose introducing a bonus for converting existing gasoline and diesel vehicles to biogas, ethanol or biodiesel HVO ”

The center supports the idea

The Center Party supports the idea of ​​converting petrol-driven cars into more environmentally friendly cars, but would rather see the cost of it included in the "green deduction".

- The environmental party's proposal to improve the possibility of converting petrol cars is good and this is something we have suggested earlier. However, we have another solution to this. We want the cost of the conversion to be included in the green deduction for more climate-efficient technology, which according to the January agreement will be introduced next year, says Rickard Nordin spokesperson for the Center Party on energy and climate issues.

M and SD negative

The Moderates believe in electrification of the vehicle fleet through more charging posts for passenger cars and expansion of electric roads for heavy vehicles, and will not support MP's proposal.

- We have no such proposal and do not see a need for it at present, either, says Louise Meijer spokesperson for the Moderates in environmental and climate policy.

Even the Swedish Democrats are negative about the idea and tell SVT that "It is a very bad proposal".

- Whether a car is powered by gasoline or E85, carbon dioxide emissions from the exhaust pipe are basically unchanged. The renewable fuels that the government is now forcing into the system have a very questionable positive impact on the climate and a very large proportion are produced from undesirable raw materials, says Martin Kinnunen, environmental policy spokesperson for the Sweden Democrats.

L wants to analyze

The Liberals write in an email that they "Generally we as liberals are opposed to various forms of support and subsidies which would also include providing support to private individuals to rebuild their cars". But more needs to be done to reduce emissions and therefore the proposal must be analyzed.

The Social Democrats have chosen not to comment on the MP's proposal as they point out that they are in office with the party.

Source: svt

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