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November 18, 2019From the close on company cars, to the Imu for the Church up to the incentives for green diapers, comes the charge of amendments of the 5 Star Movement to the maneuver. The deadline for submission to the Senate Budget Committee was set for today at 3.00 pm The bill is therefore expected in the House at Palazzo Madama from December 3, to then pass to the House Budget Committee and to the House in Montecitorio with the objective definitive release in the Senate at third reading. A race against time that must be completed by December 31st.

From M5s 400 amendments
From reduced VAT for early childhood products (from diapers to baby milk powder) and - at 5% - for sanitary napkins and other products for feminine hygiene if they are completely biodegradable, to the bonus of 15 million euros for 2020 for those who must move (to encourage those who change homes and to discourage the phenomenon of unauthorized work). Then the extension to April 18 for the fraudulent banks to apply for compensation (the Fir fund) and the payment of the IMU by the Catholic Church and a tax credit of 15 million euros for next year for the installation of video surveillance systems.

These are some of the over 400 proposed changes to the maneuver presented in the Senate Budget Committee by the 5-star Movement. It is also requested to exclude from the new plastic tax the disposable products in biodegradable plastic or those that contain at least 25% or 50% of recycled plastic. Empty to make not only for glass but also for plastic containers for water and soft drinks, soaps, detergents, shampoos, and even for cans. Amendments include a deduction of up to 1000 euros for those who install water filters at home (and 5 thousand for those who put them in bars and restaurants), an ecobonus for hotels and 'eco-sustainable' accommodation and a program 'Mangiaplastica' with incentives to the Municipalities that install eco-compactors.

The Movement asks with an amendment that the Catholic Church pay Imu on its buildings used as bars, restaurants, hotels and even on hospitals. In the proposed amendment, the Church is also asked to pay arrears between 2006 and 2012. On the Citizenship Income, the Movement provides an incentive to accept even short-term jobs or those with "marginal" incomes while on the program supporting. The amendment introduces the "suspension" of the benefit, rather than the forfeiture, in the event of changes in income due to employment with subordinate employment, a suspension envisaged for the duration of the contract. If the work continues beyond the end of the year in which it started, the forfeiture remains.

Pd deposits 900 amendments in commission
The Democratic Party has deposited about 900 amendments to the budget law in the Senate Budget Committee. We learn from Dem sources. A plastic tax of 0.80 euros per kilo instead of one euro and that excludes products made with recycled material. This is what a Pd amendment requires. In particular, the plastic tax should not be applied "for products and manufactured goods, for at least 60 percent in 2020, 70 percent in 2021 and 80 percent in 2022, in recycled plastic". The PD then proposes to make the "sugar tax", the tax on beverages with added sugar, less heavy. An amendment signed by Andrea Marcucci in fact provides for the tax to be reduced from 10 to 8 euros per hectolitre and from 0.25 euros to 0.20 euros per kilogram, for products to be diluted. In addition, the tax is to be postponed to February 1. The intervention would reduce the receipts foreseen by the "sugar tax" by about 68 million in 2020.

From Iv over 200 amendments: No Tax and via Quota 10
"A package of amendments to a government that has already secured certain priorities: from the exclusion of the increase in VAT to investments in health and family. We at Italia Viva say two no, at 100 and taxes, and many yes: to young people, to families, to work, to the challenge of environmental security, to social equity, to economic development. We are for the equality of generations as well as for gender equality ". Thus the leaders of the Chamber and Senate of Italy Viva, Maria Elena Boschi and Davide Faraone.

FI presents 1061 amendments in the Senate commission
Forza Italia presented 1,061 amendments to the budget commission maneuver in the Senate. According to what has been learned, ten orders of the day have also been deposited by the Azzurri.

Misiani: profound changes in plastic tax and company cars
"In Parliament we will work to improve a series of rules of the fiscal decree and of the budget law, dialoguing with parliamentary groups and economic and social forces. We will deeply rethink some measures such as those on the taxation of company cars and disposable plastic". Antonio Misiani, PD deputy minister to the economy, wrote about the maneuver. "We will try to help local authorities, which will benefit from unprecedented investments but continue to suffer difficulties for the current portion of their budgets," he adds. "Today a crucial phase begins for the budget maneuver - Misiani underlines - I spoke several times about the installation of the maneuver: the government and in particular the minister Gualtieri have built a proposal that has all the potential to restart Italy: stop to the increase in VAT and the super ticket, cutting the tax wedge, free nurseries, a large investment plan for the environment and social infrastructure ".

From Fdi 520 amendments, there is the shield for Ilva
The reintroduction of the criminal shield for Ilva, the 4% subsidized VAT for products for early childhood, the reduction of bank commissions for payments with Pos. These are some of the proposals to modify the maneuver presented by Fratelli d ' Italy with the 520 amendments and the four agendas deposited in the Senate Budget Committee. Web tax, sugar tax and plastic tax the other issues on which the party is asked to intervene.

Leu amendments on housing and pensions
Leu focuses on housing and pensions and calls for changes to the maneuver with a package of amendments. Free and equal (which in all presented about 150 corrections in the Senate Budget Committee) proposes to channel resources for renovation and the use of public buildings for unused public buildings, the restoration of the rental fund and the possibility of using the bonus for the reconstruction of the facades as long as the work also covers insulation.

On the pensions front, he asks for a ninth safeguard for the exoduses and the raising of the minimum treatment to access the fourteenth month. Other changes include those concerning the stabilization of firefighters, the increase in scholarships for university students and more resources for nursery schools. Finally, on the plastic tax, it is requested that the tax credit for companies that innovate in a green sense is not applied to the recycled tax and the extension to the whole of 2021