“If all four countries participating in the Norman format are ready to meet on December 9, then the conditions have ripened. We didn’t put forward any artificial requirements for holding this meeting, ”the minister said.

Thus, he answered the question of whether the agreement on December 9 to hold negotiations in the Norman format means that the conditions on which Moscow insisted were met.

As Lavrov emphasized, the only thing Russia sought was “that the participants in the Norman format respect their own decisions.”

He explained that we are talking about decisions taken in 2015 and 2016, which, as the minister pointed out, "were sabotaged by the Poroshenko regime in everything related to the political process, in everything related to the security situation on earth."

“Under the government, which was created by President Zelensky, it was possible to resolve unresolved issues, including the separation of forces and assets in the village of Lugansk, including the elimination of violations that were committed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in two other areas that were designated in the Norman format as being subject to breeding forces and means. And actions were taken that finally made it possible to officially formalize Steinmeier’s formula with signatures of all parties, ”he added.

Earlier, the Kremlin confirmed that the "Norman Summit" is planned to be held on December 9 in Paris.

Later, the presidents of Russia and France, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, held telephone conversations, during which they touched on the situation in Ukraine, taking into account preparations for the summit in the Norman format.