On the sidelines of the first Cyber ​​Bullying Awareness Conference, Etisalat Group launched the first chat platform built using artificial intelligence tools to provide a virtual simulation of the cyberbullying experience, aimed at educating parents and alerting them to the level of cyber violence that could attack their children.

The platform, which was launched today during the conference, presents a virtual simulation in which the use of harsh and violent vocabulary to educate parents about the extent of abuse suffered by their children when they are oblivious to them. The vocabulary was previously apologized for the use of the vocabulary before the simulation began and the importance of using it to convey a picture of reality.

Etisalat stressed that the platform was designed to portray what gangs specialized in abuse and cyberbullying are doing to attack children, pointing out the importance of parents being aware of the experience through living as it is in reality.

The platform is a product of the latest global digital security technologies. The platform also includes educational and awareness materials on the subject of bullying, as well as explaining the methods of confrontation and how to provide assistance to the child in the event of discovery of exposure to electronic bullying.