“I invite you to work in our group for the protection of compatriots abroad. I’m sure that together we can bring a lot of benefits to people who have found themselves in a difficult life situation abroad, ”said Moskalkova.

She also reported that a decision had been made to expand the work of the group to protect the rights of Russians in Ukraine, and to develop a “very interesting mechanism” for interaction with the UN and the Council of Europe.

“We worked on your topic, and on the topic of Kirill Vyshinsky, and on the fate of other citizens who are in prison for far-fetched reasons,” said Moskalkova.

Butina also received an offer to go to work in the State Duma, in the committee on international affairs, which is headed by Leonid Slutsky.

Butina previously compared torture to the conditions of her imprisonment in the USA.

On October 26, a Russian woman flew to Moscow after being released from an American prison. She thanked the Russians for their support and gave an exclusive interview to RT.