Justice has identified "250 potential victims" of "surgeon Jonzac", already convicted for possession of child pornography. At the microphone of Europe 1, Marie, an alleged victim of the 68-year-old man, wants him "to be accountable to all the victims".


She is one of the "250 potential victims" of retired surgeon Joel Le Scouarnec that justice has identified. Like 183 other people, Marie wanted to file a complaint against the 68-year-old man who is already facing charges of rape and sexual assault in March over four victims who were minors at the time.

"I'm happy to see that a lot of people have complained, you have to pay for everything he has done and he is accountable to all the victims he has made," says Marie at the microphone. Europe 1. "It's crazy to imagine that a man rapes children, that he has so much to his credit ... It's amazing, and even more to say that we are in the mix I do not even understand that he managed to rape so many people, that he was able to keep running for months, years, decades ... "

Heard on europe1:

"I'm not sure that once he's sentenced, everything will go back to zero in my life

In this unprecedented case, handled in a separate procedure from that for which the former practitioner has an appointment with the judge in March 2020, the La Rochelle prosecutor reports on 209 hearings, including 181 for people who were minors in the moment of the facts, and specifies that "many of them mention precise memories". The trial to be held at the end of this investigation is still far away, but Marie still hopes that the man "will realize himself the impact he had on the lives of children that he raped.

"I'm not sure that once he's sentenced, everything will go back to zero in my life," she says cautiously. "I have a long fight that has been waged behind, it will take a lot of time to rebuild, and maybe have a normal life someday, I do not know."