Japan-Korea Relations “Future-oriented efforts together” Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, November 17, 15:40

Regarding the fact that Prime Minister Abe's tenure will be the longest in the history of constitutional policy this week, spokeswoman Kim In-cheol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea said at a regular press conference this month on NHK ’s question “ “To achieve this is a common position for both Japan and South Korea. We must continue to make efforts to achieve this,” he said.

The Mun Jae-in administration has been settled in a claims agreement after the Korean Supreme Court issued a ruling to order Japanese companies for compensation in October last year. Confronting the Abe administration, Japan-Korea relations are only getting worse.

When the Japanese government strengthened export control to South Korea, the Korean government decided to abolish the Japan-Korea Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement = GSOMIA. We are forced to review the destruction.

In addition to the stagnation of relations with North Korea, as the country's economy slows down, President Mun, who has returned to his five-year term, is expected to continue to operate harshly. It seems to be a careful search for clues to improve the relationship.