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Diana Quer spent the night before her disappearance at the parties of A Pobra ( A Coruña ) with several friends, from whom she said goodbye at around 2:30 in the morning to go home. "I intended to go home alone," said the last friend she was with , something she usually did. Along the way, he talked through WhatsApp with a friend from Madrid , to whom he said that someone had questioned her and that he noticed her "with fear".

The third session of the trial for the disappearance and death of Diana Quer has started this Thursday with the statement of the friend who spent that last night with the young woman, as well as the friend with whom he sent his last messages. Both have been by videoconference.

The first witness has narrated that the night of Diana's disappearance they were together until about 2:30 in the morning in a park where the bottle is usually practiced. The young woman was dressed in white shorts, a white blouse, black sneakers and a dark gray sweater that belonged to her friend, to whom she left her denim jacket.

At about 2.30 pm, the friend said that Diana told them that "she was running out of battery" on her cell phone and that "she was going home", something she did walking alone.

The witness has told how two days before the disappearance, she and another friend also saw Diana Quer at around 4.00 a.m. walking to her family's summer house and "looking at the cell phone." On that occasion, both approached her home by car. "These nights she intended to go home alone," said the witness.

Your last messages

Next, he has declared a young man, Diana's friend, with whom he spoke through WhatsApp in the moments before his disappearance.

During that day, both had been talking because they had "suspended the same subject" and, late in the afternoon, she told him that "he was going to party." The boy had no more news of her until after 2:00 in the morning, when Diana wrote to him to say that "he was returning home and had little battery".

"About 10 minutes later she told me that a gypsy was calling her," said the witness. According to the errands, Diana Quer sent a message that said 'I am cuddling, a gypsy is calling me' and said he had said 'Morena, come here'.

The young man asked him again about this fact, but, as he said, the message did not reach him. Nor did Diana Quer's phone receive the message in which, the next morning, she said good morning. After finding out through social networks that the young woman "had disappeared", the witness handed her phone to the Police.

Although he has acknowledged that he could not "imagine" that the situation was so serious, the young man has stated that he "felt fearfully" to Diana Quer when he wrote his last message. "I could imagine that, as I was at parties, I was the typical drunk boy who piropoed and got scared, but nothing more," he added.

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