• He infected dozens of women with HIV: HIV positive sentenced to 24 years
  • Every hour 18 children are affected by HIV: UNICEF raises the alarm


June 13, 2018 The police of the Ancona mobile squad arrested a "hunter" of the HIV virus: he contracted unprotected sexual relations with partners aware of being HIV positive for at least 9 years, according to some sources, 11 according to others. He was arrested by the Ancona police on charges of serious injuries. There could be over 200 potential victims, known mainly in chat.

The investigation was conducted by the State Police in collaboration with the central operational service, coordinated by the Ancona Public Prosecutor's Office. The man is now in prison.

The State Police has disclosed the photo and the general information of Claudio Pinti, 36, for investigative needs and for the relevant public interest that could concern other victims of crime.

Investigators have ascertained "his unpardonable bad faith, because he was aware of his state of health, therefore liable to have failed to take the necessary precautions to avoid contagion" to the victims, who did not inform "of his state of health" .

"For investigative purposes - the police wrote in a note - and for the significant public interest that could concern other victims of crime, the Ancona mobile squad is trying to contact those who have possibly had sexual encounters with Pinti Claudio, of which the photograph is disclosed. Anyone in possession of useful information - the agents ask - is asked to contact the State Police - Ancona Mobile Squad urgently , in the morning or afternoon hours on the number 0712288595 ".