President Trump “Northern Syria is stable” claims US legitimacy to be withdrawn November 14, 8:43

U.S. President Trump met with President Erdogan in Turkey at the White House, showing that the situation in northern Syria, where Turkey temporarily deployed military operations against the Kurdish forces, was stable and withdrew the American troops Appealed the legitimacy of

President Trump had a meeting with Turkish President Erdogan at the White House on the 13th afternoon.

For President Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria, he criticized Turkey for effectively acquiescing Kurdish forces against the U.S. troops in Syria Has been.

In this connection, President Trump said, “The ceasefire in northern Syria is maintained and the situation around the border is stable. We are also in discussions with the Kurds, but they seem to be satisfied.” He assessed the current situation in northern Syria and appealed the legitimacy of withdrawing the US military.

President Trump also said, “I will also talk about S400 and F35 issues,” and expressed the idea of ​​discussing Turkey's plan to introduce Russia's state-of-the-art missile system S400.

The US government has frozen the delivery of F35 as Turkey may introduce S400, and the confidential information of the state-of-the-art stealth fighter, F35, may leak to Russia.

Kurdish groups and others in front of the White House

In front of the White House, a group of Kurdish groups living in the United States calls for a protest against Turkey's military operations in time for the summit meeting, and about 150 people have escaped from Syria and Iraq as refugees. People participated.

Participants held up the Kurdish flag and a placard criticizing President Erdogan and struck out in front of the White House, shouting "Turkey should leave Syria" or "Turkey should stop invasion."

A Kurdish man who came from Syria about 20 years ago said, “I've been there many times in northern Syria, but not only the Kurd, but many people, including Arab and Yajdi, lived peacefully. Now it is a turmoil that many people have lost their homes and have been killed.It is important to show that not only the Kurdish but also many are against the Turkish military operations. ” Also appealed to support the Kurds.

A man who came from Nebraska, 1700 kilometers away to participate in protests, said: “It was a bad decision that President Trump admitted Turkey ’s military operations, which killed many people. “The Kurds fight in cooperation with the American army, killing 11,000 people, and killing the extremist organization IS are Kurds. President Trump should ask Erdogan to pull troops.” He criticized President Trump for inviting the operation.