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In Madagascar, nine organizations including the CENI, Transparency International and the civil society platform ROHY call the candidates in the municipal election of November 27 to sign a charter of good conduct. A contract to restore credibility to candidates and try to avoid abstention.

In Antananarivo, they are three of the five mayoral candidates to have answered the call on Tuesday, November 12. It is a crowded hall that witnessed the signing of Naina Andriantsitohaina, the coalition candidate who supports the president, Faniry Rakotoarisoa of the APM formation and independent Eliace Ralaiarimanana. Grand absent: opposition party candidate TIM.

" The spirit of this charter is to give confidence to voters," said Hoby Andriamiraho, the head of the Electoral Education Department at the CENI. We will not punish those who have not signed, but citizens will wonder why they did not sign. So it's already an issue for the election .

33 points to which signatories must comply

Transparency of campaign funding, prohibition of vote buying with cash or gift distributions, presenting a program to citizens, here are some of the 33 points candidates must adhere to. This charter also helps to inform voters in their choice.

" If citizens see that some candidates do not respect the fundamental principles enshrined in the charter, it is up to all of us to take responsibility for the mistakes that should or should not be attributed to these candidates," explains Harijaona Andriamoraniaina, the Coordinator of the Safidy Election Observatory. It is really both a principle to establish ways to engage worthy candidates but also a way to educate citizens to make good decisions in the vote . "

The candidates of all the communes of the Big Island have until November 25 to sign this charter. Civil society observers will be responsible for checking whether it is well respected.

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