“Meeting to see cherry blossoms” Discussion at each standing committee and reaction of each party November 13 17:17

Questions and responses at the standing committees of the House of Representatives held on the 13th regarding the “Cherry Blossom Viewing Party” hosted by the Prime Minister.

Cabinet Office "I don't know if it's via the Abe office"

In the House of Health and Welfare Committee, the Constitutional Democratic Party, etc. reported that the Prime Minister's office was reported in part as a tourist tour guide including a meeting to see cherry blossoms for local voters. Mr. Shinya Ogawa, a member of the denomination, asked, “Are you informed us when the government organized the report?”

In response, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukihiro Otsuka said, “It is compiled by the Cabinet Office and Cabinet Secretariat based on the opinions of each ministry and agency, and we do not know the office.”

In addition, Congressman Ogawa repeatedly asked, “Abe's offices are included in the“ etc. ”of each ministry and agency,” but Secretary Otsuka said, “What kind of recommendation procedures and processes are ahead of each ministry? I don't know if I'm following. "

Atsushi Kato “Handling a petition for participation”

Also, Mr. Ogawa asked the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato, “How many people from the local Okayama are participating in the meeting?

In response, Minister Kato said, “I was also present and had the opportunity to meet someone I knew locally. The guide letter itself is issued by the Cabinet Office, so it is not possible to compile at my place. There are no complaints from various people that I want to go, and I think they are processing at the office in the same way as ordinary complaints. "

In addition, Parliamentary Ogawa asked if there was a quota assigned as a party leader at the time when Minister Kato served as general affairs chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, whereas Minister Kato said, “I do not recognize that there was a quota. I've never had a talk with 50 or 100 people. "

Minister of Education, Ikuta Mineda “Refrain from submitting the name list”

At the House of Representatives Science and Technology Committee, Mr. Fumiyoshi Murakami of the Constitutional Democratic Party said, “It is said that the members of the Executive Committee were invited to the blog of Minister Ikuta. It was.

On the other hand, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, said, “There was a person who was invited as a permanent secretary of the support society, and it was a fact that I met those people on the spot. There is no fact that I invited because it is not possible because of the mechanism. "

According to Murakami, “In the case of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, it is stipulated that the retention period is 10 years for the documents related to the“ Yuyukai ”and“ Cherry Blossom Viewing Party ”, as well as for recommendations from the Cabinet Office and inquiries. "And asked to submit a roster.

In response, Minister Ikuta said, “It is stored in accordance with the rules, but it contains a lot of information about individuals, and clarifying the information at the recommendation stage hinders the smooth coordination of the Cabinet Secretariat and the Cabinet Office. I ’d like to refrain from submitting it. ”

Norimori Mori “Reserve the name list and deal with it”

In the House of Representatives Legal Committee, Mr. Yasushi Fujino, a Communist Party, asked, “Is there a list of recommendations from the Ministry of Justice left?”

On the other hand, the Minister of Justice Mori said, “The Ministry of Justice has a retention period of 3 years for documents related to various events. Said.

The reaction of the ruling and opposition parties.

Liberal Demonstration Mr. Serizawa, former country vice chairman

Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Serizawa and former Diet member chairman said at the meeting of the Tanigaki group, “The opposition party is focusing on the ideal way of the“ Cherry Blossom Viewing Party ”and the politician ’s sponsorship activities the day before. While fulfilling its responsibilities, the parliament must have discussions that should be done by nature. "

Liberal Democratic House of Councilors "Stop or review the holding method"

The Liberal Democratic Party ’s House of Councilors told reporters, “It was a process in which the office of a politician recommended not only recommendations from ministries and agencies but also the people who worked hard in the region, and the Cabinet Office decided. I was told that it was unclear, but I should have asked the opposition party. The legitimacy of the association itself is being questioned, so I should quit next year or reconsider the way it is held. '' Said.

He also pointed out, “People who come once say“ I want to come again next year. ”Because of the long-term administration, the number of participants would have increased.”

Komei Ishida, Chairman of the Government of Japan

Komeito ’s chairman, Ishida, said at a press conference, “You do n’t need to cancel the“ Cherry Blossom Viewing Party ”, but I do n’t think it ’s good. I want you to do it. "

“The Prime Minister becomes a false answer”

The Constitutional Democratic Party's chairman of the Azumi Diet, said at a delegation meeting, “A Prime Minister's office organizes the tour as a tour, sorts courses, and recruits. Replied “I'm not involved at all” in the House of Councilors Budget Committee, but it gave a false answer.The problem has just begun and will not end forever unless Prime Minister Abe enters the Diet. Said.

National Tamaki representative “should consider abolition”

National Democratic Party representative Tamaki said in a press conference, “It is extremely unclear as to how to use taxes, so after clarifying the facts, it should be considered including the abolition. At that time, there were several nominations for each member of the parliament, and there was a document from the government asking for submission of a list of recommenders. It was written. "

Ishin Matsui representative "I should quit inadequate"

Mr. Matsui, representative of the Japan Restoration Association, told reporters at the Osaka City Hall, “I have been guided several times, but I have never been to Osaka because there are more beautiful places for cherry blossoms in Osaka. It should be stopped as inappropriate as a way of using taxes.

Communist Chairman Kunida “Clarifying the Truth Before Examination”

The communist party chairman of the rice field parliament said at a press conference, “Before considering the review of the guidelines, the government has to clarify the truth and admit that this was wrong”. "It's a problem to try to spend the rest. It's wrong to consider revisiting the lid without revealing the truth," he said.