• Popular jury: Five men and four women will judge the crime of Diana Quer
  • The accusation. Chewing gum, a "sexual predator" before the jury for the murder of Diana Quer

The prosecutor in charge of the trial against José Enrique Abuín Gey, known as the Chewing Gum , for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Diana Quer, highlighted this Tuesday, at the beginning of the oral hearing with a popular jury in the sixth section of the Provincial Court of A Coruña, that the defendant killed the young woman of Pozuelo de Alarcón using "a brutal evil without purpose".

Cristina Magalet indicated, in explanations to the jury at the start of the trial, that the Chewing gum killed Diana Quer in an abandoned ship that is "typical of a horror movie" in which she subjected her victim to "psychological cruelty" as well as physical. In addition, he revealed unknown data so far that, in order to gather evidence in this case, a simulation was carried out of how the accused allegedly sank the body of his victim at the bottom of a well in which he appeared almost 500 days after his disappearance "naked and with open legs. "

This simulation was carried out in a water tank of similar characteristics located in Cartagena, in the community of Murcia, using a professional diver, a young woman of similar physical characteristics as Diana Quer, who was weighed down with two cement blocks such as those The body of the young woman from Pozuelo was tied to analyze how a body is submerged in an environment like the one that became Diana's grave for 16 months.

Before taking the floor, José Enrique Abuín, who has been in prison for a year and ten months and a half, followed the two hours of the previous session and the allegations of the parties to the popular jury very relaxed, without making any gesture, sometimes even with Appearance of being about to fall asleep. His image changed slightly since his last appearance in court in the month of April to be tried for the attempted abduction and robbery of a girl in Boiro, as he has taken a few kilos and looks more careful, with the beard trimmed and well hairstyle.

The Prosecutor's Office and the private prosecution, which Diana Quer's parents exercise, attribute three crimes to him: illegal detention, sexual assault and murder with alevosía, cruelty and to prevent the discovery of another crime - sexual assault -, for which they ask that fall on the defendant "the full weight of the law" and be sentenced to the reviewable permanent prison sentence.

Precisely, the lawyer of the family, Ricardo Pérez Lama, insisted that it is a "sexual crime" committed by a man to whom the investigators emphasize that he is a "sexual predator" to whom "everything is worth in order to satisfy his sexual desires "and related that he raped and killed her in an abandoned ship in the parish of Asados, in Rianxo (A Coruña) where she knew she had" impunity to do with Diana what she wanted. "

In addition, he stressed that he lied throughout the procedure and that he killed Diana Quer to "hide his wrongdoing," because he already knew what would happen if his victim told the facts, because "he had happened to his sister-in-law Vanesa," his sister's twin now a former woman, whom he allegedly raped when he was a minor. That crime is under investigation in another Galician court.

The Quer family war

The trial will continue on Tuesday with the statement of the victim's parents, Juan Carlos Quer and Diana López-Pinel, who on Tuesday brought to the courts of Santiago de Compostela the bad relationship they have had for years. The father entered the building after nine in the morning and spoke with the media without making references to his ex-wife, but she who arrived half an hour later, did fan the war because he left the judicial headquarters shortly after assured that he did not want Share space with your ex husband.

Diana López-Pinel was visibly angry and explained to the media that they were waiting at the doors of the court that she had "two hours of waiting" left and refused to be with her ex-husband and added, very annoyed that, on the day of the trial , has no "information on the subject", has not had access to the summary and is "blank" despite sharing a lawyer with Diana's father.

In this regard, to questions from this newspaper, Juan Carlos Quer clarified that the summary does not have it, but neither does he, "for obvious reasons" and "to protect the accusation strategy" and said that "the truth is missing when he claims to be uninformed, "despite the fact that he pays the attorneys' fees" from the first moment a lawyer for his information was made available to my ex-wife. "

As for Juan Carlos Quer, he was visibly affected at the beginning of the oral hearing and pointed out, in reference to El Gicle: "today the evil sits on the bench." In addition, he took the opportunity to insist on his struggle in defense of the reviewable permanent prison sentence and ask the political class is to "know how to understand" that "mostly the Spanish people, seven out of 10 citizens, from any ideology, but from the sense common, apart from political proclamations, accompany this penalty. "

He charged veiledly against the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, whom he affected that months ago "crossed out my procedure" and that he trusts that "now that he is a father he probably understands that sometimes when you don't know what to say it is better to shut up."

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