In recent days, violence in Hong Kong has continued. Two protesters ended up in hospital after being shot, and on Tuesday, violence continued from the police after they shot students at the University of Kowloon.

The violence does not seem to subside and according to SVT's correspondent, Ulrika Bergsten, the protesters will not give up in the first place.

"The protesters will go so far that the government must act," says Bergsten.

At the same time, Hong Kong's Carrie Lam gave a speech on Monday where she felt that violence would not solve any problems.

- Increased violence will not give the insurgents what they want. Neither from the government nor society at large.

Patience is pushing

But that picture is not shared by Ulrika Bergsten who instead believes that the violence will increase as time goes by and the government does nothing for the protesters' will.

- You probably assume that this will escalate and become more violent, both from protesters and the police. Both because the patience is almost out now and the energy, it has been going on for almost six months. There is no peace in taking a step back and waiting it all out, the people can no longer cope, says Bergsten.

She also testifies about how people in Beijing are getting tired of the protests and are slowly beginning to change their attitude towards the unrest.

- I have talked to others who have been a little critical from the beginning about how the Chinese government has acted and who have supported the Hong Kong protesters' freedom struggle but who now think it has begun to go over control. That this violence is too much, this destruction is too great and that is starting to feel that one does not as wholeheartedly support what is happening in Hong Kong anymore, says Ulrika Bergsten.