• Middle world: Salvatore Buzzi's lawyers ask for his release
  • Pg Cassation: the association between Buzzi and Carminati is mafia


November 12, 2019Riva Buzzi, ras of the Roman cooperatives, and a key figure in the Middle World process, remains in jail.

The Court of Appeal of Rome has rejected the request made in recent days by the defenders after the sentence of the Court of Cassation which has dropped the accusation of mafia against it and ordered a new trial.

Buzzi, assisted by lawyer Alessandro Diddi, therefore remains in Tolmezzo prison.

According to the judgment of 22 October last, of the sixth criminal section of the Cassation, presided over by Giorgio Fidelbo, the 'Mondo di mezzo' was not mafia and Salvatore Buzzi and Massimo Carminati had not set up a single criminal group but two associations that they had little or nothing to do with each other.

With a decision that overturned the second level of judgment, the Cassation annulled the 416-bis sentence against Buzzi and Carminati, who on appeal had been sentenced to 18 years and four months and 14 and a half years respectively, and those for the other 15 accused of mafia crimes, including the former PDL group leader in the Lazio Region Luca Gramazio (8 years and 8 months on appeal).

Two acquittals while for 21 defendants, including Buzzi and Carminati, a new appeal process will be opened to redefine the penalties and discuss some fine crimes.