The 40th session of the General Conference of Unesco opens Tuesday, November 12 in Paris. This gathering brings together every two years the 193 member states of the organization.

On this occasion, the Heads of State and Government are invited to exchange with six young leaders and actors of change. UNESCO hopes to highlight young people's perspectives on global cooperation and identify new ways of involving young people in decision-making, promoting their aspirations and meeting their expectations.

In this context, participants in this panel will be invited to consider the following key questions:

* What is needed today to promote mutual respect and "intellectual and moral solidarity", as called for in the Constitution of Unesco?

* What commitments are needed to promote global cooperation and international dialogue?

* What types of innovations are needed to strengthen global cooperation as UNESCO works on Agenda 2030 and the goal of "leaving no one behind"?

* What results have been achieved so far and on which can Unesco rely to move forward?